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The Cycles of Life Part 3

Posted on: 2016 06 03

The Cycles of Life 3 Time to begin gathering resources to assist you in this new cycle. The word “care” may begin to creep into your consciousness. Let’s begin with resources. One option is to hire an Aging Life Care Manager as they can handle everything from a needs assessment to a move. Here at Armistead Senior Care, our three Aging Life Care Managers act as a liaison between clients and families who do and do not live close by, overseeing care and quickly alerting families to problems. They offer guidance and support with arranging and monitoring in-home help and services, crises intervention, hospital or rehab discharges, referrals to specialists, and moves to or from a retirement residence, assisted living community, or nursing home. Local Agencies on Aging are a terrific resource. Many states have them or something similar. Here is a quick link to all Vermont locations. These non-profit agencies respond to the needs of elders and their families by offering information and assistance in many areas affecting our aging populations such as health insurance counseling, transportation, senior nutrition programs including meals on wheels, adult day programs, home health services, housing alternatives, exercise and wellness programs. In Chittenden County, we have the Champlain Valley Agency on Aging; it was a huge help to me and my aging loved ones. Your state.gov website is also helpful; you just have to know where to look- For example: Vermont.gov > Agency of Health and Human Services > Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living. Programs, services and resources are listed under these headings. In New Hampshire, it looks like this: NH.gov > Government > State Government > State Agencies > Health and Human Services Department > Divisions and Offices > Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services then onto ServiceLink Resource Centers. ServiceLink is designated as New Hampshire’s Aging and Disability Resource Center and NHCarePath administers programs and services. Many states also have Senior HelpLines and other special phone numbers to call to help locate services and resources, for example, we have Vermont211. As I mentioned earlier, there are many, many books devoted to the subject of eldercare. Books are always good resources. So are friends, co-workers, and extended family. You probably know a handful of people that are already assisting aging loved ones in some way or another. As a society, we choose not to discuss these matters but that needs to change. I have been able to be a resource for many of my friends. These are natural cycles; we should not feel alone in going through them.    

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