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Spotlight on Our Caregivers-Ann

Posted on: 2016 11 17

caregiver heartIn conjunction with National Family Caregiver Month, Armistead Senior Care would like to shine a spotlight on our Caregivers who give their hearts and souls to our clients each and every day. Many started out by being a family caregiver and now they are out in the community making a difference by sharing their compassion and skills in caring for our clients and allowing them to age in place.   This week the spotlight belongs to Ann. She has been an Armistead Caregiver since 2011 and earned our New Hampshire Caregiver of the Year Award for 2015.   Ann holds a BA in Children's Literature & Elementary Education from Castleton State College. Some of her favorite children’s books are: The Wind in the Willows, Anne of Green Gables and works by Lewis Carroll. Throughout her education, she took quite a few Special Education classes, including assistive technologies for learning disabilities. Ann has worked at Vermont Technical College as an Adjunct Professor and in the Public Services Department.   Caregiver farmOutside of her work-life, she loves cooking, baking, and reading. Ann probably reads five or six books a week and loves her e-reader which enables her to carry hundreds of books in her purse. Her home life is pretty special, as she lives on and assists with her family’s multi-generational farm. Her community is also lucky to have her; she was elected to her local school board 10 years ago at the age of 23. Even with all the changes currently happening with education governance, she plans to stay on the board.   For Ann, the joy of being a Caregiver is helping her clients to remain independently in their homes. She really enjoys cooking for them using their recipes and favorite foods as a way to learn about and connect with them. Plus, she knows they are eating well and she is making a positive impact on their lives. Ann is admittedly a people-person. She feels the most important qualities of a Caregiver are compassion and flexibility along with strong observation skills; these traits enable a Caregiver to provide the best care.   The first Caregiving job Ann held was at age 13 when she provided companionship as well as a safety presence to a relative on their farm. Ann and her relative sold sweet corn from their post on the front porch of the farmhouse. Ann grew up and went on to do other things but this experience obviously made a lasting impression on her. She really likes what she is doing with her life right now. In the future, Ann may pursue a Master’s Degree and go into Counseling or become a Chaplain, working in the hospice field. We are quite sure Ann would excel in either of those fields of care but for now, we are grateful for Ann’s dedication and skill as an Armistead Caregiver.   Thank you, Ann!Caregiver with Grandmother

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