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It’s National Nutrition Month

Posted on: 2015 03 23

from Feeding America More than 49 million Americans struggle with hunger. People who struggle to get enough to eat often have a hard time getting enough of the kinds of foods that help promote an active healthy life—foods like fresh fruits and vegetables; whole grains; lean proteins; non-fat and low-fat dairy. Join Feeding America to help families get the food they need to stay healthy and strong.

The Feeding America network of food banks is committed to helping individuals and families experiencing food insecurity access the healthful food they need to bite into a healthy lifestyle. There are many nutrition assistance programs to help people in need bridge the gap between hunger and nutrition. Hunger in America 2014 found that 79{12470e0fe01d1e6fcc7df4df95300bd13a27d9338be1c3cc41e39732a8d70917} of client households report inexpensive, filling but low-nutrient foods to feed their families.  Coping strategies like this can have negative health implications.  Food insecurity puts people at greater risk of diabetes, hypertension and obesity and often results in poor disease management and increased medical costs.

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