Information Sites for Seniors Citizens

Posted on: 2015 01 12

On this site, you'll find resources for caregivers, consumer protection information, education, jobs, and volunteer opportunities, creating a will, contact information for federal and state agencies and resources for grandparents who raise their grandchildren. You can also find health-related information, housing resources, retirement resources, and travel discounts.

AARP.org has articles senior citizens may be interested in reading. It also has information on health, money, leisure activities, family issues and an online community you can participate in and meet other seniors.

This is another great site for housing, retirement, lifestyle, and health resources. There's also a news and entertainment sections.

This is an attractive website with articles on working out, bone density, relationships, sex, and money. This is also an interactive website; you can join in on the blog, take surveys, or participate in online classes.

You will find many of the same things at Senior.com that you find at the others, but they also have sections on gardening, art, sports, and other recreational activities.

You can really get involved at this website. There is a blog, which you can join in on discussions. It also has books and culture, health, marketplace, money, recreation, technology and volunteering sections.

Agenet has a lot of information for caregivers such as housing resources and places to find support. It also has products for senior citizens and information on health, drugs, law, insurance, and finances.  

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