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Armistead Senior Care

Posted on: 2016 06 30

  Armistead Senior Care is a local company with a local presence and a great reputation. We were founded in 1999 by Rachel Lee Cummings, while attending college in Vermont. Rachel is still involved with Armistead Senior Care as a member of our Board of Directors and she is currently Deputy Director of the Champlain Valley Agency on Aging (CVAA). We have strong, deep, local roots because of Rachel's passion regarding Caregiving. Armistead is one of the oldest senior care agencies in the state of Vermont. Our exceptional Caregiver’s and staff have the greatest impact on the compassionate care we provide. We are committed to respecting the integrity, wisdom and uniqueness of each and every client we care for. We are honored to be a part of the lives of our clients’ and we are proud of our Caregiver’s.   Rachel Lee Cummings             June Training Dana            June Training Heather2                        June Training Transfer        June Training Sam Our Founder, Rachel A look at our recent Caregiver training sessions. These training's cover a wide variety of topics, are very beneficial and usually a lot of fun! Staff Photo from eRSP Training Our Management Team at a training from this past February.

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