Premier Services in Vermont and New Hampshire

Armistead Senior Care is a premier caregiver service providing top-quality, client-centered care to seniors and people with disabilities in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Armistead was founded in 1999 by Rachel Lee Cummings.  Rachel has always had a passion for caregiving, working her way through high school and college as a caregiver.  Rachel has a B.A. in sociology, with a special focus in gerontology, from the University of Vermont.

Rachel’s experience working as a caregiver convinced her that there were two unmet needs in the region:  top-quality care for seniors and disabled people and good jobs for committed caregivers.  She started Armistead to address both needs in one innovative, people-oriented company.  Rachel named Armistead after her late maternal grandfather, Armistead Mason Lee, with whom she shared a special bond.

Armistead Senior Care employs caregivers who are dedicated to providing clients with the best care possible.  Rachel is committed to providing her caregivers with above-average pay, progressive management practices and professional development programs, ensuring recruitment of top caregivers who thrive in their jobs.

Rachel also emphasizes the importance of getting to know her clients.  She provides an initial no-charge Needs Assessment to identify each client’s needs and interests, and then matches each client with caregivers who can best serve those needs.  This extra attention encourages a special bond to form that makes exceptional care possible.

In June 2004, Rachel was honored with the U.S. Small Business Association’s Vermont Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for her contribution to her clients, her employees and her community. In October 2004, Rachel was awarded a prestigious grant from the Eileen Fisher 20th Anniversary Grant Program to help support the continued growth and development of Armistead.

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