So glad I picked Armistead! Not only was Mary tremendously helpful and willing to assist in any way, she was such fun company. Such an interesting woman – we had a great conversation during our day together. Thanks for providing such fine services!

 – Jane Hakins, Senior Client, South Burlington, VT

The people that you have sent to me and my spouse were loving, caring and most importantly trustworthy. I could feel perfectly comfortable leaving the house to go shopping or visiting a friend, when wife was bedridden, and feel that everything was safe and in capable hands.

I could go to bed at night knowing that any emergency would be handled professionally and that the caregiver was capable of following the correct procedures. This allowed my wife to be at home which was part of her final requests. Since then I have relied on your caregivers for my own care and have found the same thoughtfulness and safeness that has allowed me to stay at home.

Your personal attention to details, for your staff as well as your clients, in such areas as insurance coverage and availability have been very comforting to me. The ease with which you explained the coverage, expectations and work loads as well as the costs made it easy to understand and work with. If a question arose there was always an immediate response with satisfaction from my prospective.

I would not hesitate to call again, if the need rises, for the services of your agency. Nor would I hesitate to recommend your agency.

 – Charles E. Wiley, Senior Client, Montpelier, VT

I just wanted to send you a note and tell you how OVER THE TOP WONDERFUL Molly, Rachel and Laurie were with Lois this weekend…starting on Friday. Their commitment, attentiveness and responsiveness was just incredible…I’ve never encountered such a level with an agency before!! Lois had been living here for about 15 years and she was adored by all. The help from Armistead during her last few days was so helpful and appreciated by us AND her family!

 – Leslie Graham, LPN, Resident Care Manager, Harvest Hill, Lebanon, NH

Armistead has been a life saver for me and my family. I had Armistead for my uncle who was ill and in his 90’s and then for my aunt. My aunt kept insisting that she wanted to stay in her home and not go to assisted living.  Because of Armistead’s amazing staff, she was able to live in her home until she died at the age of 99. Armistead staff was like family to her and to the rest of us. They took her out for lunches, craft fairs, and other activities, which I allowed and was grateful for. It didn’t matter when I called them for help, they were always able to respond, even on short notice. My aunt had a wonderful end-of-life in her own home thanks to their love and care.

 – LouAnn Chaffee, Niece of Senior Clients, South Burlington, VT

I want to convey to you and your entire team at Armistead how thrilled we were about the services your company provided last Saturday for my parents. Your preparation work and caregiver Anne’s transportation and caregiving services exceeded my (and our) expectations in EVERY way, and my expectations were very high, as you know.

My parents had a joyous day celebrating the wedding of their granddaughter and comfortably experienced a poignant ceremony, interacting with extended family, and dancing several dances with each other. None of this would have been remotely possible for two people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and multiple physical challenges without the expert care of Anne. She was fantastic: prompt and reassuring with conversation during transport (my mother seems to have found a new best friend during the hour car ride), confident and skilled at elder care involving physical limitations, happy and adept at assisting my parents to fully participate in the wedding and reception (including dancing), and wonderfully attentive to their dietary special needs in working with the catering crew to feed them healthy and specially prepared food.

My parents still talk non-stop about what an amazing experience it was to attend. My sister and I marvel at how professional and perfect your preparation work was in explaining the contractual agreement and meeting our every request for this one day event. Your willingness to assist us with the whole process and efforts to really accommodate my travel schedule demonstrated the depth of your mission to make the whole encounter seamless–which it was.

I think the incredible job done by Anne was summarized when a long-time friend and wedding attendee asked me, “Now, is that wonderful woman who is so graciously attending to your parents a friend or relative?” You can’t be much more “seamless” than being mistaken for a participant while doing your job beautifully!

Please accept our sincerest gratitude for an amazing experience with Armistead. Should there be another Vermont wedding in the family, Armistead will be first on my call list!

 – Karen Krech Parolin, DMD, Daughter of Senior Clients, Shelburne, VT

I’ve had such nice folks to help me, I can’t thank your helpers enough!!!! Especially Ann, whom I’ve had the most!!!! Ann was very helpful, changing my bed, doing my laundry, keeping me and my home clean, taking me to Dr. appointments, rides to my old home, the cemetery plants brought home, fixing my outside plants, a lot of little things, too. Making meals attractive, too. You provide a great service with caregiving folks.

 – Cynthia G. Blake, Senior Client, White River Junction, VT

I have found Armistead an efficient, dependable and accommodating service. My caregiver is willing and well trained.  I am particularly impressed by Armistead’s policy of continuing education at bi-monthly “teach-ins” for its caregivers.  I hope that Armistead will become an ever larger presence in the Upper Valley.

– Shirley H. Bennette, Senior Client, Fairlee, VT

Finding the right home healthcare company is not always easy. Armistead has given me peace of mind knowing that my mother is being well cared for. My mother enjoys the people who visit and has made new friendships.

– Cheryl Rubin, Daughter of Senior Client, South Burlington, VT

I do not live in Vermont, so having Armistead caring for my Mom has made my life less stressful and worry free. The Armistead staff has always been responsive to me and other members of my family in a timely fashion.  In fact, we consider several of the caregivers as family!

– Elaine Mendelow, Daughter of Senior Client, Palm Beach Garden, FL

Thank you for the needed relief you have provided to my sisters and me. We are very pleased with your caregivers and your organization.  We do highly recommend you to anyone needing care.

– Marybeth Morey, Kathryn Lavigne and Jacqueline Merrick, Family Members of Senior Client, Colchester, VT

An Armistead Caregiver comes to me three hours each Friday morning.  She drives me to do my grocery shopping and then we do other shopping as needed.  She helps me unload the car, pulls weeds in the garden, takes me to the bank and much more.  If an emergency should arise, I know my caregiver could handle it.  She is such a nice person and I enjoy her company!

– Laurel Shaw, Burlington VT

My husband had a stroke that affected his ability to function independently and Armistead provided two very special caregivers.  Each day one of them arrived ready to have fun with John.  The caregivers created an environment where he felt good about himself and not limited by his deficits.

– Carol Clark, South Burlington VT

I have subscribed to the services of Armistead Caregiver Services Inc. since October, 2008.  I have found that the personnel are efficient, prompt and diligent in performing their duties. The company has been reliable in assigning staff to be present a the requested times. I recommend Armistead to anyone needing in home assistance.

 – Frank F. Hough, Lebanon NH

I have been a client of Armistead since about 12-1-07.  I have had only two caregivers in all that time. I am most satisfied with Armistead in general and with my caregivers.

 – L.R. Lebanon, NH

Our caregivers are very attentive to us and our routine. We feel very confident and comfortable with Armistead Caregiver Services taking care of our needs and wants.

 – Gardiner and Kay, Meriden, NH


I love Armistead. I have learned a lot, there is good opportunity for growth through the training’s that are provided. I always feel totally supported by Armistead and that is a good feeling! When meeting and interacting with other Armistead caregivers  I have been very impressed with them.

I have met wonderful people: clients, their families, and other caregivers. I enjoy helping clients stay in their homes and providing respite for their loved ones. It has been very enriching for me.

 – Barb Powell, Williston, VT

I really enjoy my clients. Helping people is really rewarding work. I feel very appreciated at Armistead.

 – Larry Pillsbury, Williston, VT

My work as a caregiver gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I enjoy working with seniors and providing companionship. I like hearing about their lives and families and making my clients smile and laugh is so rewarding! People need caregivers like us to relieve families of undue stress. Families should also be confident that their loved one is being cared for by a warm and loving employee of Armistead.

– Rosemarie R. Cartularo, Ferrisburg, VT

Why I like working for Armistead:

  • All the staff are friendly, helpful and professional.
  • We get lots of training.
  • Armistead encourages outside training (for example the Gerontology Symposium).
  • I feel I have a partnership with Armistead.
  • Armistead helps me when I need it.

– Virginia Washburn, Williston, VT

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